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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach

Why hypo-allergenic?

H-Allergen HA+ is a range of hypo-allergenic EXCLUSION recipes, ensuring that ingredients known to be high risk in terms of allergies and sensitivities are excluded from your dog's diet as far as possible. That's why you'll only ever find a single meat source in our specially formulated turkey and duck products – and purely fish with no hidden meats in our new salmon & potato variety.

H-Allergen HA+ has no hidden "meat & meat derivatives" and only uses the highest quality ingredients.

H-Allergen HA+ can help to support the alleviation of allergic ailments such as eczema, dermatitis, red meat allergy and colitis, with improvement possible after as little as 6-12 weeks of feeding.

How does a hypo-allergenic diet work?

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About our ingredients

Barley, potatoes, rice
Only the best ingredients are used in H-Allergen HA+ which is why you can rely on it to be easily digestible.

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