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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach

About us

H-Allergen HA+ is manufactured by Arovit Petfood. Arovit is one of the leading companies in the petfood industry, with six manufacturing plants across Europe producing a full range of cat & dog wet and dry food, including snacks and treats.

FEDIAF logoThe company ethos is based on quality, with FEDIAF guidelines and regulations regarded as production benchmarks.

In recent years Arovit has established a superpremium recipe specialism, developing Larkshall UK to be the primary plant for super premium dry recipes. H-Allergen HA+ dry is manufactured here, to the strictest exclusion principles, and with a commitment to maintain and protect recipes with only the highest quality raw material sourcing.

Colimanor logoColimanor Ltd, distributor of H-Allergen HA+, is a family run business based in Gloucestershire and is founded on love for animals and a deep desire to source and deliver nutritional excellence.

The science behind
our products

H-Allergen HA+ products are underpinned by solid research.


Where to buy H-Allergen HA+

About our ingredients

Only the best ingredients are used in H-Allergen HA+ which is why you can rely on it to be easily digestible.

More about
our ingredients