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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach


Please choose from our Product FAQs, providing information about everything directly related to H-Allergen H+ products and our Dog nutrition FAQs.

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Top 5 FAQs

What is so special about the H-Allergen HA+ Complete Hypoallergenic Pet Food range?
H-Allergen HA+ Pet Foods are EXCLUSION diets, which means that they are specially made to reduce the risk of sensitivity and allergic reactions to ingredients used in pet foods. The term hypoallergenic is used to describe many pet foods but not all keep to the same rules of exclusion. Exclusion means that ingredients, especially less digestible protein sources, known to be high risk in terms of sensitivities and allergies are not used, and the formulation and manufacture is strictly controlled to avoid ingredients not shown on the ingredients list.


Why do you use ingredients such as rice, potato, sorghum and barley in the food; surely all a dog needs is just meat?
No. If you go to the butchers and buy your dog just meat alone this could actually be very bad for your dogs longterm health. Dogs, just like humans require a nutritionally balanced diet and benefit from the carbohydrates found in cereals or potato. In the wild, dogs obtain the vitamins they require from vegetables, often from the stomachs of the animals they eat. The prey’s stomach acts like a cooker that breaks down the vegetable cereals into a form the dog can easily absorb. In the H-Allergen HA+ recipe we are using carbohydrates that are gently cooked and which are more easily digestible to replicate this process.


Is H-Allergen HA+ more expensive than supermarket brands?
The cost of feeding H-Allergen HA+ can work out less than feeding many leading supermarket brands. Because of the quality of the ingredients there is no waste or fillers and more of the food is utilized, so your pet needs a smaller amount than he would compared with many supermarket brands especially semi-moist or canned varieties. Your pet will produce smaller firmer stools with less offensive odour, making clean up faster and easier.


Why do you use any sensitive ingredients in H-Allergen HA+ Complete Pet Food?
All animals require protein for growth and maintenance of health. It is also important for animals to consume food which they enjoy. The protein sources such as turkey, salmon and duck which we use in our recipes are more easily digested compared to many proteins. The high digestibility is a factor likely to reduce the risk of sensitivities and allergies. Allergies can develop to foods that have been fed for years and may develop with a sudden onset. H-Allergen HA+ Complete has been developed to combat many of the common allergies pets suffer from.


What digestive ailment or skin complaints can be alleviated by feeding H-Allergen HA+ Complete?
These can range from eczema, dermatitis, red meat allergy, and colitis. If you have any concerns regarding your dog's diet then please consult your vet.


What is an allergy?

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About our ingredients

Only the best ingredients are used in H-Allergen HA+ which is why you can rely on it to be easily digestible.

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