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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach

Allergy diary

Allergy diary

The allergy diary is a handy tool to keep track of your dog's health improvements.

Recording all meals and symptoms for the duration of the exclusion diet helps to assess progress and review the success of the food trial.

Download and print out the free allergy diary for your dog. Keep it near where you feed your dog. The allergy diary covers the first 6 weeks of your exclusion diet, after which you can take a first assessment. Print out another copy for the remainder of the 12 weeks.

Download the allergy diary
(PDF, 1.1MB - opens in a new window)

Example allergy diary entries:

Day Type of meal(s) Symptoms
Thu 2x200g H-Allergen HA+ Adult Turkey & Rice Still unusually flatulent
Fri 2x200g H-Allergen HA+ Adult Turkey & Rice
Dog biscuit from neighbour (!)
4x bowel movement
Loose stools

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