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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach


Glee 1st for Arovit Petfood

This year's Glee event will see a new exhibitor worth noting the Arovit Petfood UK team will be out in force to support the 2009 launch success of their H-Allergen HA+ hypoallergenic range.

Glee 2009Arovit Petfood are at Glee 2009,
the most comprehensive annual
buying event for the garden,
pet and leisure sectors.

H-Allergen HA+ is an exclusion range of complete dog dry food which is designed to restrict protein sources and minimise the risk of feeding common allergens. The initial launch of H-Allergen HA+ was supported by a website with a diagnostic tool, in-depth feeding advice and downloadable retailer support at, but Glee is an ideal opportunity to capture retailer feedback which will then influence future range planning.

Latest development plans include a wet range of single meat protein products for dogs, salmon life-stage dog recipes, and possibly a range of hypoallergenic recipes for cats.

Visit Arovit's stand and have your say you could influence the range development and on-shelf look of these niche products before they hit the marketplace.

For any further information please contact:

Arovit Petcare (UK) Ltd
East Wretham
IP24 1QY

Tel: 01953 497100


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H-Allergen HA+ products are underpinned by solid research.


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Only the best ingredients are used in H-Allergen HA+ which is why you can rely on it to be easily digestible.

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