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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach


"Scratch & Click" Arovit's NEW hypo-allergenic petfood website

In a market that is increasingly concerned about food additives and speciality feeding, Arovit has developed a range of exclusion diets for dogs called 'H-Allergen HA+' that restrict recipes to using only single meat protein sources putting less strain on a dog's digestive system.

The range was launched at the May 2009 PATS show in Harrogate and has since been showcased at the PLMA in Amsterdam.

But - not only is there a new hypo-allergenic range in the marketplace; there's a new interactive website to support both customers and retailers too. was launched on Friday 3rd July. Visitors to the site will find an online allergy tool, guidance on how to use the free downloadable H-Allergen HA+ allergy diary, and opportunity to join the H-Allergen HA+ dog gallery. In addition, the site is supported by extensive reference materials on many related pet nutrition issues, and downloadable sales tools for retailers including Q&A booklets and on-shelf DL flyers.

'The site is intended to support and guide decisions to feed or to list - a hypo-allergenic petfood...' commented Ella Price, Arovit's Marketing Manager '...we are confident the range will sell itself, but both customers and retailers need a reliable information source in an increasingly complex niche market. Arovit is keen to provide that support.'

And with a dedicated online hypo-allergenic 'Health Centre', Arovit certainly has done just that.

For any further information please contact:

Arovit Petcare (UK) Ltd
East Wretham
IP24 1QY

Tel: 01953 497100


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Only the best ingredients are used in H-Allergen HA+ which is why you can rely on it to be easily digestible.

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