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Hypo-allergenic dog food range

Designed to be kind to your dog's stomach


PATS Show in Harrogate

At the latest PATS Show in Harrogate, the Arovit UK sales team were delighted to announce their latest range of hypoallergenic recipes H-Allergen HA+.

H-Allergen product display at the PATS Show in HarrogateH-Allergen HA+ product display
at the PATS Show in Harrogate

In a market that is increasingly concerned about food additives and the benefits of speciality feeding, Arovit has developed a range of exclusion diets for dogs that restrict recipes to using only single meat protein sources - putting less strain on the dog's digestive system.

Launch recipes are currently Turkey & Rice and Duck & Rice flavour variants which dogs have had less exposure to than chicken based recipes. There are also plans for a secondary launch of a hydrolised salmon recipe where the process of hydrolisation means the meat protein itself is more easily digested.

"What makes these recipes really different is that unlike many of our competitors, we produce the products ourselves..." commented Jon Rose, Arovit's UK Commercial Manager, "...we have total control, and don't flex our recipes based on raw material costs". Arovit's nutritional experts who designed H-Allergen HA+ also refused to use soya protein, as processing soya can lead to harmful hidden chemical residues in the product.

"The PATS show has been a real success for us, with consumers appreciating the different offer of this new hypoallergenic range..." Jon continued.

H-Allergen HA+ will be available both in-store and online from August 2009, For further information please contact Jon Rose on 07825 439469.


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